Bathroom Remodel: Relax and Renew with a Steam Shower


Relax and Renew with a Steam Shower Remodel

Imagine: you’ve had a long, hard day at work, and your stress levels are off the charts. Your shoulders and back are tense, and you’re in desperate need of some well-deserved relaxation. But instead of getting in your car and heading to your local spa, you simply head upstairs to your bathroom and turn on your steam shower.

It used to be that a steam shower was an absolute luxury, reserved for days at the spa and holidays in fancy hotels. But now, steam showers are accessible for any homeowner who wants to be able to indulge whenever they want. Steam showers are also being installed and enjoyed by those who suffer from respiratory health issues, like asthma or bronchitis. Steam therapy offers great relief by soothing throat irritation and cleaning out the lungs.

Whether you want a Zen experience at the end of a long day or you’re looking to relieve your respiratory issues, a built-in steam shower is a welcome addition to any new construction house or remodel.

Planning Your Steam Shower

First, determine how much space you’ll devote to your new steam shower. Your available square footage will determine the size of your steam shower, which will in turn determine the size of your steam shower generator. The mechanics of a steam shower will go behind the walls of your bathroom.

Also, consider ventilation. Your steam shower environment will be completely enclosed, and vents in the ceiling or walls outside of the steam shower will help regulate the humidity produced by your steam. The shower door will most likely have a panel above it that is hinged and able to tilt out; opening this panel will vent out the steam once you’re finished with your steam shower.

Finally, when you’re planning the layout of your steam shower, think about how many people will be using it. If it’s one person using it at a time for relaxation, you may incorporate a lounger as your seating so that you can truly “sit back and relax.” If you’re using it for respiratory therapy and will be sitting upright, a built-in bench may be a better option. Or, if you want more flexibility in your steam shower use or you need to make the most of a small space, you can use a bench that folds up into the wall when not in use.

Personalizing Your Steam Shower

With the basics of your steam shower planned out, the real fun comes in planning the details. Depending on how you’ll use your steam shower, you can personalize the space to make it all your own. If you’re using the steam shower as a relaxing escape, you can install soothing lights in the colors of your choosing to add to the calming mood- these colors will reflect especially well against light-hued tile. Like to relax to some tunes? Install speakers so that you can turn on your favorite playlist during steam time. If you plan on using it for respiratory therapy, you may wish to have the control panel near your steam shower’s seating so that you can easily adjust the steam to your preference.

Now that steam showers are popping up in bathroom redesigns, you no longer have to head to your local spa for an utterly relaxing rejuvenation or to relieve your respiratory problems. Start figuring out how your bathroom remodel can feature a steam shower today, and before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Get inspired by visiting our bathroom redesign gallery.

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Sharon Field-Camilleri
Sharon Field-Camilleri
Sharon Field-Camilleri is a professional designer with 20 years of experience servicing the Brighton, MI area. She specializes in delivering best-in-class design concepts to homeowners by blending style and function.

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