Creating a Beautiful, Traditional Master Bath in a Challenging Space

Floorplan and design illustration for octagonal master bathWhen this client approached me about remodeling their master bath, I knew I had an exciting design challenge ahead of me. They wanted to remodel the space to match their traditional style home and increase functionality.  The challenge?  The master bath was octagonal with vaulted ceilings, featuring many walls of different sizes and shapes, all intersecting at various angles... angles everywhere.  Those angles were going to present a formidable challenge in achieving the client's goals!

We needed a cabinetry line that was versatile enough to accommodate the custom sizing needs of the unique space, while also providing the traditional and timeless look that the client was going for.  Merillat Masterpiece was the perfect fit, with their Jennings door style providing the look we were going for with cherry wood finished in Merillat's Kaffe stain.


220309-MV-KSi-octagon-master_092-1One of the most exciting aspects of this project was the opportunity to do something unique with tile given the shape and size of the master bath.

I worked with the client to find a unique statement tile that would add personality to the design and create a focal point on the large, octagonal floor area.  We selected Stone Impressions' Alston-Stilnovo Carrara deco tile in Day color. 

The field tile is Vallelunga & Co. Carrara Honed. The combination turned out wonderfully, making an incredible statement in the space! 


After our contractor had finished installing the floor tile, we discovered a "happy accident" that allowed us to enhance my original design! It turned out that there was enough deco tile left over to continue the motif on the wall of the shower, creating a delightful compliment to the floor tile that really ties the space together.

2022-Remodelers-Winner-Mark-BlackI was honored to be recognized by the National Association of Home Builders at the 2022 Remodelers Awards, where this project won the Home Bath Remodel category award!

My client was so happy with the classic, memorable look we achieved for her master bath.  I'm delighted to be working with her on her kitchen!

Photography by Martin Vecchio Photography

Vanessa Crook
Vanessa Crook
Vanessa Crook is an award-winning Designer at KSI Kitchen & Bath's Macomb Design Center. Her accolades include the 2022 NAHB Remodelers Home Bath Remodel award, the 2021 NAHB Remodelers Home Kitchen Remodel Award, and the 2022 Detroit Design Award for Details: Use of Tile.

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