Jewelry for Your Cabinetry-How To Select & Install The Right Hardware

Due to the number of decisions that need to be made, a kitchen or bathroom remodel can become overwhelming for many people. Once the major decisions like cabinetry, tile, flooring and wall coverings are made, selecting the cabinetry hardware may seem like a no-brainer. Not so fast. There are countless options for cabinetry pulls, hinges and handles. At KSI, we tell clients to think of hardware as jewelry to the cabinetry. It's the finishing touch that can really make or break the space since you will see and touch it every day. So, don't rush the decision on this very stylish and functional finishing touch. Please check out our video below.


You can use a knob or a handle pull for your drawers and doors. Both are functional, so the decision to use either is an aesthetic one. Because knobs are generally round or square, they often give a kitchen a welcoming, home-style look. Handles and pulls, on the other hand, can give a kitchen a more sophisticated or elegant look due to their elongated shape. It is fine to mix it up and combine them for a dynamic and contrasting look. When making these selections, consider the profile of the door and drawer fronts.

A recent trend is to use larger knobs on drawers and handle pulls on wider drawers; as well as the longer handles on tall cabinets. The longer line of the pull looks great with the simple line of the cabinet edge for a clean look.


Often known as “Old World” this style, is often inspired by historical architectural and design features. Traditional style is the most popular category of cabinet knobs and pulls, because many kitchen designs can be described as traditional. The style is comforting and classic.


Contemporary designs feature sleek lines, sharp angles, minimalist features, and modern finishes such as brushed satin nickel, polished chrome, and stainless steel. The look of the kitchen or bathroom is clean and welcoming without being cluttered.


Transitional knobs and handle pulls are a marriage of Traditional and Contemporary styles. These can be Traditional designs with Contemporary finishes, or Contemporary designs with Traditional finishes. The look can be striking and help transform the overall appearance of a room to a classic, timeless feel.

Choose a Finish

Most collections have multiple finishes for the knobs and handle pulls. Options for choosing a finish include matching the cabinet finish, plumbing and appliances. If your cabinets have visible hinges, then you may want to choose a finish for your knobs and pulls that match the hinges. For some reason, it’s been instilled in our heads for decades that you should use one finish for hardware. The choice: either all brushed chrome or dark bronze however not both; mixing finishes was not done. A recent trend is to mix finishes and metals throughout the room. Hardware that contrasts against the finish or material of appliances or fixtures can add interest to the overall look or feel of a design.

Times have changed and it is clear that the boundaries of years gone by have blurred and like jewelry, you can mix and match and define it to your taste. Please come by to any of our design centers to look at our hardware selection.

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Lindsey Collins
Lindsey Collins
Lindsey Collins is a professional designer with over 10 years of experience servicing the Birmingham, MI area. She specializes in delivering best-in-class design concepts to homeowners by blending style and function.

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